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head lice treatment

Looking for a natural head lice treatment?

For most people on the planet, head lice are a scourge that has been built up in myth and legend, a horror story passed around by parents. While lice are certainly a major hassle, they aren't an impossible to overcome problem. In fact, learning a natural head lice treatment is often all that you'll need to eradicate the problem outright.

Whether you need a natural body lice treatment, pubic lice treatment, or head lice cure, using harsh chemicals normally aren't the best lice treatment option out there. Here's a look at some of the natural options to eliminate head lice.

While horror stories about lice are passed around often, so are natural treatment ideas. Everyone seems to have a home remedy for head lice, and some work more effectively than others. The thing to remember, however, is that each head lice natural treatment will work differently for each person. What works for one may not be best for others.

One of the most well-known options is the vinegar head louse treatment. Washing the hair with vinegar, often in a mixture of vinegar, conditioner, and Listerine, is often one of the most effective head lice cures available today and will usually kill the bugs in a hurry.

Using mayonnaise to treat head lice is another option, and this natural head lice treatment falls under the 'smother' category of cures. Essentially, slathering a large amount of mayonnaise onto the scalp and leaving it for an extended period of time can kill the majority of lice by cutting off their air supply. Followed up with a head lice tea tree oil treatment it can usually eradicate an infestation since the tea tree oil is hated by the little bugs.

head lice treatment

Olive oil lice treatment is another option that works, and it also helps smooth the hair and makes it much easier for a lice comb to work its magic.

That's the final key to eliminating head lice. While a home remedy for head lice will likely kill the bugs, the nits still need to be removed. Rubbing the hair with olive oil and then using a lice comb will normally take care of this problem completely.

Extreme measures like shaving your head are a last resort that rarely has to be relied on, although a boy with lice in the summer may not mind a close cropped haircut. Again, not all options work the same for each person but trying a couple will help you find the best lice treatment for you and your family.

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