Chemical Head Lice Treatment

Are Chemical Lice Treatments the Answer?

A lice infestation isn't the end of the world, despite what your gut instincts may be screaming out to you. The truth is that to eliminate lice you simply need to kill the lice and then remove the eggs. Obviously that's easier said than done, but it isn't as difficult as many would have you believe.

A number of lice medications exist to choose from, and many people opt to use pyrethrin shampoo, lindane shampoo, or other chemical based lice treatments to eliminate their problems. And while over the counter or prescription head lice shampoo are certainly effective at killing head lice, are they really the best option?

Treating head lice with lice shampoo like kwell, lindane, rid, or rotenone pyrethrin is akin to rubbing pesticide on your skull. Most lice shampoo should come stamped with the same pesticide labels that are on garden products since they work in the same way. But while most people are focusing their diets on pesticide free, all natural options they're completely overlooking hidden dangers in other areas like treatments for lice.

Simply put, the vast majority of the most commonly purchased head lice shampoos are nothing more than types of pesticides. Taking a quick look at their dangers may make you give them a second thought.

There's really no way to sugar coat the fact that pesticides are poisons and that poisons are designed to do one thing – kill. By interacting with basic biologic functions they'll kill insects like head lice. But numerous issues have been linked to lice shampoo like lindane or rid including seizures, neurological problems, and death.

In many cases those under one hundred and ten pounds shouldn't use the pesticides at all, which excludes most children. And even if you're over that weight threshold, does the prospect of scrubbing your scalp with pesticide really entice you?

Of course, a scalp full of crawly critters drinking your blood isn't much better. They won't kill you like some pesticides could, or trigger seizures or other serious medical conditions, but they'll certainly make life rough. But there are numerous lice treatment options that don't involve pesticides in the least and have the same effect.

Instead of dealing with the chance of suffering the effects of pesticides you can rely on a few all natural options or some home remedies that will kill the lice as well. It's a safer option that you don't have to lose sleep over.

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