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So you're facing a lice infestation. You've spotted them and now you need to know how to remove lice. You need to kill the living lice and get rid of the eggs. Sound like a huge undertaking? It isn't as bad as you may think when you know the basics of lice removal.

You will certainly need to exercise a bit of patience, discipline, and ensure that you're as thorough as you can possibly be when you set out to get rid of head lice. A couple of missed eggs will end up with a new infestation only weeks after you thought you eliminated the first.

remove lice

The first step to remove lice is simply to kill the live ones. The most common way to do this is through a wash, normally an over the counter or prescription strength permethrin shampoo. Some lice have become immune to various types of shampoos and washes, however, and some people opt to try home remedies that may or may not be effective, the most common of which is a vinegar wash.

At any rate, wash the head thoroughly and leave the shampoo on the head for ten full minutes before rinsing. You'll need to check the scalp again after a few hours to ensure that the lice are indeed dead.

Of course, knowing how to kill head lice is only one part of the problem. The shampoos don't normally kill the eggs, so you'll have to remove them manually. Learning how to remove nits can be an exercise in patience since all of them need to be removed. This is usually done with lice combs. A nit comb is an extremely fine toothed comb designed to strip the nits off the hairs. You'll need to take your time with the head lice comb and ensure that you remove all the nits you spot.

remove lice Essentially, that's all there is to the process. It isn't an impossible feat to get rid of head lice, but you'll have to take your time if you want to remove lice since missing one or two eggs can cause the entire process to be rendered useless. If the shampoo or home remedy you're trying doesn't seem to be killing the lice you may need to try something different. If you're using chemical shampoos you might need to check with your doctor before you use too many since irritation can occur. Use patience and a keen eye, and your lice problem will be history.

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